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GB WhatsApp: What Is It? Should You Use It Or Not?

GB WhatsApp: What Is It? Should You Use It Or Not? 

GB WhatsApp is a clone app of WhatsApp having all the features of WhatsApp as well as some additional features too. To everyone’s surprise, everyone using GB WhatsApp is not aware of the security threats associated with GB WhatsApp.

WhatsApp stands out from its competitors in terms of users for day-to-day messaging. WhatsApp app is used by billions of people on daily basis to share content and chat with each other in messages. However, the app is not perfect and despite constant modification, the risk associated with WhatsApp is a debatable subject since its inception.

Many WhatsApp users keep demanding more features in WhatsApp. And these are the much-talked features that GB WhatsApp is offering but regular WhatsApp is not.

GB WhatsApp can be called a modified version of the WhatsApp app. Many users have downloaded GB WhatsApp with confusion that they are downloading the original app. Some users prefer using GB WhatsApp over regular WhatsApp considering the benefits GB WhatsApp provides.

Even though GB WhatsApp offers many facilities but these entire advanced techs have been provided to you in exchange for the cost you are still unaware of. Here, we have presented an outlook of how you are at risk if you have chosen or unknowingly using GB WhatsApp over regular WhatsApp.

What Is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is an advance and modified version of WhatsApp. Since both the app are available online, it can be said that GB WhatsApp is an alternate version of WhatsApp too. However, you need to download GB WhatsApp via APK file because GB WhatsApp is not available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

GB WhatsApp is created by third-party developers which have similar interfaces and woking ways as WhatsApp. You must understand that GB WhatsApp has no connection to WhatsApp Inc at all. Also, GB WhatsApp is not the only clone of WhatsApp and it is not a new app either.

The app comes for both iOS and Android for quite a long time. Its purpose is to give the same user experience that WhatsApp users are enjoying along with some extra features that are not available in original WhatsApp for some unknown reasons.

These features include using dual WhatsApp accounts in a single mobile device, Auto-reply (as seen on WhatsApp Business accounts), hidden message ticks, long video status, and many other fancy features as well.

WhatsApp Warns Against The Use

WhatsApp has clearly warned the users about this alternate version of WhatsApp and all these additional features. Recently, WhatsApp warned the users again about this fake GB WhatsApp stating that it may harm the mobile devices.

Two years ago, WhatsApp took concrete steps towards these fake WhatsApp apps. They issue warnings to the users stating that they will temporarily ban the users, who will be found using GB WhatsApp. Also, these are the “unsupported version of WhatsApp”. WhatsApp can go to these extreme majors to avoid duplication, even if this is not about security.

In some cases, these bans can be temporarily but WhatsApp can permanently ban the account as well. WhatsApp mentioned in its warnings that unofficial apps are developed by third parties. It is a clear violation of its terms of service.

Dangers of using GB WhatsApp

Such causes that your WhatsApp account got permanently banned is not known to many users indulge with GB WhatsApp. The big reveal is, however, the fact that these clones’ WhatsApp app takes away the very essence of WhatsApp messaging which is end-to-end encryption.

These apps look similar to WhatsApp, with the same user interface, and the same up-gradation, it is pretty hard to detect which is original WhatsApp and what is the fake GB WhatsApp. WhatsApp deters users from being a victim of privacy infringement through the use of such apps.

In addition to this, it has been addressed on multiple occasions that several APK download links of GB WhatsApp are infected with malware, exposing users to an attack.

WhatsApp urges users to return to using the original app for security reasons and also mentions ways to do so on its security note.

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