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Six Signs Your Relatives Are Toxic For You
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Six Signs Your Relatives Are Toxic For You 

Relatives are blood, they are family and well-wishers. Our support and go-to people. But are they really the OGs we think them to be? Umm, I doubt that. Want a reason I’ll give you six. Toxic Relatives are emotionally out of control.

The Toxic Relatives repeatedly sabotage plans. They’re never held accountable for their actions. They rarely say ‘thank you,’ even though you’re always making sacrifices for them. You find yourself doing things just to get approval or attention from them.

1. The Basic Jealous Bitch Relatives

These are the most common to spot. They get fumed on your success, your growth burns them. You can often find them comparing your happiness with theirs. Even throwing shade at your riches. They can’t stand you doing a bit better than they are.

2. The Demotivating Demons Relatives

Ever heard of inner demons dragging you back from motivation, well these are the Relatives forms of those. They are the ones always demotivating your energy, crubbing your will power and say the most depressing things to bring your vibe down. They always try to make you doubt your abilities.

3. The Gossip Gobbler Relatives

These are the ones who live for gossip. All they do is sip and spill tea about everyone in their circle and no not even Family is safe. They try to grab all your private News and make it a headline. Always fishing for new scandals and controversies.

4. The Competitive Cousins Relatives

Remember getting a lecture because your cousin being a straight-A student. That one competitive lad who always wants to be everyone’s pet. They are like the jealous ones but with an action plan. They will not only fume but also try to burn you.

5. The Fortune Followers Relatives

They will be the first to abandon you in case you get bankrupt. They are here for the riches. These are the ones who freeload a lot but will never be there when you need them. They will follow you on only on your good days and the moment it starts clouding over your sky they will leave you drenched in rain.

6. The Cold Critics Relatives

They are harsh speakers. Always there to point mistakes, pick flaws, and puke poison on your flower bed. They will never mince a word in criticizing but never have a better solution to any problem.

So, that is it with the signs of Toxic Relatives, spot your’s now and save yourself from all the negativity.

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