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Top 10 Signs: You Are A Bad Company
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Top 10 Signs: You Are A Bad Company 

From recent research, it came up that Companies often diminish their employee’s self-confidence. While employees should be treated highly and in very friendly behavior, many offices in India are burdened with bureaucracy and a set of ridiculous rules and regulations.

In most of the cases, it is because of the poor performance of the HR of the company… while sometimes it is just the boss pulling the strings and making the place inhabitable for the employees. Here, we have jotted down 10 solid signs that every company should see if they are counted as a bad company.

Note: This is an answer to all the offices that puts “Top 10 Signs: You Are A Bad Employee” on their noticeboard.

1. You see the timely completion and not the task completion

What they are doing – The lockdown made the worst changes in the job scheduling… while some people lost their job, some were forced to work under extreme supervision. The software like “work hour monitor” has planted on their PC and laptop devices to ensure whether they are working 8-9 hours or not.

What they should do – Instead of counting the work hours, they should check the work and the quality of work. Whether the specific targets were met or not, whether the work quality is good or not. Counting 9 hours laptop runs won’t help.

2. You made awkward rules to make employees uncomfortable

What they are doing – Some companies are so bureaucratic that they keep making new rules every now and then. Some of them are so absurd that you might end up laughing. For instance, speaking in English during office hours was the rule.

What they should do – Even in the formal work environment, they make sure that the rules were introduced by grace and not forced on employees. It pours an enormous amount of hate in employee’s minds for the company.

3. You frequently terminate employees.

The HR job is to hire the best employees for the work and not just keep hiring employees. It would be pretty dumb to see many companies HR works as a manager and helplessly threaten the employees to terminate in any circumstances, even if it is a misunderstanding.

4. You don’t listen to employees’ suggestions.

It would be the worst for any company that no employees make any contribution or suggestions to how the company would work especially for the environment. If you don’t listen to employee’s suggestions or not asking employees to make suggestions, you are definitely a bad company.

5. You believe employees are working for you instead of Working with You.

You are the boss, you operate the company, and if you let your employees feel that they are working for you. You will never get any success in the business. Employees are the people who work hand in hand to make the company right.

All the employees have those dreamy eyes, all they need is a little compassion. So… if you don’t want to be a bad company, make your employees feel the office their second home. Make them feel that they are working with you.

6. You talk harshly to employees.

Sometimes you are harsh, and after a couple of months, that becomes your regular tone. Make sure you appoint managers and higher authority people who have nice communication skills. Talking harshly to employees will not benefit you in long run. Employees will always find a way to leave you and they will the moment they get better jobs or high salaries.

7. You don’t allow employees to make anything in the office’s kitchen.

The office’s kitchen is for everyone, especially if we talk about employees. You come under the radar of a bad company if you use the Office’s kitchen only for yourself and not for all the employees who want to eat a cooked meal at lunch hours.

8. You cut two days’ salaries for the leave even when an employee informs you.

This is bizarre as some of the office employees reported that they are getting their two days salaries deducted if their leave was not approved. This is hard-earned money and the company is taking it only because employee leave is not because of sickness. That inhumane, cruel. 

9. You don’t appreciate new ideas that come from Employees.

Always consider your employee’s ideas if suggestions are made regarding office decorum. Employees are the ones living their serving 9 to 5. A company must come up with brilliant ideas to always make their employees smile.

10. You don’t provide overtime benefits to Employees.

Employees are ready to give their heart and soul to the company’s work. The only consideration is the pay… either in monetary or non-monetary terms. Just introduce the pay for overtime work hours and see if you have seen any improvement in the work or not.

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