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The Second Wave Of COVID-19 Isolated India
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The Second Wave Of COVID-19 Isolated India 

You know that the situation is tense when Instagram is filled with warning posts more than laughable memes. Are you sensing something wrong? Okay, if you are reading this post then I am gonna make something clear to you.

I am a genuine extrovert, and you know it if you follow me on Instagram or know me the way my acquaintance knows me. This is my 5th day inside the house and the big reason I am not going outside is the fear of getting affected.

You are probably thinking why am I getting so afraid about this and how this is different from the first time then I must tell you the first time none of my friends were COVID positive and none of my uncles needed Plasma therapy. This is happening and this is the worst this time.

It got me thinking about other sides of the nation too. How many things are going at the same time and for god sake any filmmaker searching for a good story can create an anthology movie based on the lockdown. Here, we try to come up with 5 different angles of Coronavirus in India and how people are actually dealing with it.

1. UP Lockdown – Coronavirus is harmless on devotees

One of the most populated cities never failed to amuse people with its deeds. This time too, when the second wave of coronavirus is at its peak in India, devotees gather for Mahakumbh. Even the chief minister decided to capitalize on the tourism business and did nothing for the lockdown.

On 18th April, the UP government come up with a lockdown but this is too late. Or as the UP government said, “better late than never.” The pictures of devotees having fun together are getting more viral than Bollywood actresses bathing in their bikinis on the beach.

If something goes wrong, can we blame God again for making their devotees travel far away from their home during these days?

2. Maharashtra Lockdown – Tight packed but the situation is getting worse

We just hit the bottom with the news from the Maharashtra lockdown. To make you realize the situation takes a look at the top 3 news the moment I am writing this article.

1) COVID-19 patients are literally dying because of Oxygen shortage.

2) BMC mayors stated about the complete lockdown in Mumbai.

3) Railways are running Oxygen express to meet the high oxygen demand.

These are the tough times and to fight back we do have to sit tight in our home and follow the guidelines and take care of our health.

3. Delhi Lockdown – Everything’s out of control

You might get the message of people living in two distinct worlds in Delhi. One is the rich who are afraid of Corona and the second is the poor afraid about the lockdown. Sadly, the government has to manage all of it, and thus lockdown is not just the solution but a hell lot of a problem in itself. There are curfews, and guidelines, weekend lockdowns, and many other things. It is up to the government to make the situation right with their decisions.

4. Sonu Sood making efforts for the change, the good ones

Just a few days ago, on Maha Shivratri Days, a tweet from him make Twitterati trend #whoissonusood. Well, things changed again and for the worst this time. Thus, Sonu Sood again came forward with a helping hand.  

Recently, he confirmed that he was tested positive just after getting the vaccination. Even though he is quarantined in the house, he refused to get himself cut socially. In one of his recent interviews, he said he can’t sit at home as he has to help people.

5. Election is important than Coronavirus, always.

The Indian government has shown that they are very fair and wouldn’t cheat with the timings because of the corona. Probably this is the reason that elections are around some of the Indian cities despite the second wave is flowing like air in India.

Even a friend of mine went UP to campaign for the election of his relative. What a situation we are living in right now. Everything seems imperfect and at the same time shocking.

Wanna fight the situation then wear the mask and sit in your home. Trust me, we will make India great again.

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