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Practical Tips to Apply False Eyelashes

Practical Tips to Apply False Eyelashes 


There is no denying that mascara and kajal are among the most cherished cosmetic accessories for any girl. Needless to say, these accessories are an essential part of eye makeup and can make you stand out from the crowd. In addition to mascara, false eyelashes are gaining huge popularity among women these days because they offer a fuller look to your eyes. 

However, if you are applying false lashes for the first time, you might find it a little bit tricky. You might find yourself struggling to get the right fit and spending an extensive amount of time placing and removing lashes. Not everyone likes to spend so much time and energy trying to make their eyes pop out. Therefore, it is better to use easy applying lashes like the 3D Magnetic lashes

While there is no foolproof plan to make it easy for you to put false lashes, there are some simple tips that can save a lot of your time and effort.

Read this article to know some useful tips for applying false eyelashes.

1- Curl the Lashes Before Applying Mascara

The first step towards getting the best out of fake lashes is using the curler to blend false lashes with actual ones seamlessly. Also, you should make sure that your eyelashes are free from any mascara or kajal before curling the lashes. You must apply the mascara only after putting up false eyelashes so that they can blend with your natural lashes. There are various kinds of eyelash curlers that will help you add volume to your false eyelashes. Choose your favorite accordingly.

2- Trim the Lashes and Apply Glue

There are various kinds of false eyelashes, and it is a possibility that the eyelash might not fit your eye shape. In such cases, you need to trim the lashes to fit them according to your eye shape. If you still face difficulty in adjusting lashes, you can simply opt for individual lashes and take one lash at a time to create a more distinct look. At last, you should apply the glue and wait for some time to allow the glue to get dry and settle down. Additionally, make sure to never put the glue directly from the tube.  

3- Use a Small Mirror

This is one of the convenient and game-changing tricks. You may likely want to go as near to the mirror as possible while adjusting the fake lashes. Most people use the big mirror in the bedroom or the dressing table mirror for easy application. But it is not necessary. In fact, it is better to use a hand mirror and look down into it to get a better view of your natural lash line. The closer you get to the lash line, the better the chances of sticking your false eyelashes correctly.  Thus, you should always use a small hand mirror while applying fake lashes. 

4- Use Tweezers

Most people know that Tweezers come in handy to get rid of extra eyebrow hair or even any other unwanted hair in other body parts. But, you can also use tweezers to conveniently place fake lashes on your eyebrows without ruining your eye makeup. Start by using the tweezers to hold down the fake lashes as close to natural lash lines as possible. Then, use the small mirror to ensure that the false lashes are stick in the correct position. Thus, tweezers can help in placing the false lashes more accurately and precisely on the eyebrows. You should surely try using tweezers next time you apply false eyelashes. 

5- Use the Eyeliner

Finally, in the end, you can hide the strip of the lashes by shadowing them with the thin black eyeliner. This will help add the final touch to your eye and help blend fake lashes with your natural lashes. Another important tip is to make the small strokes on the lash line to blend the false lashes with lash lines instead of making a big stroke. Furthermore, when it is time to remove the lashes, you should never pull the lashes as they can cause damage to your natural lashes. Additionally, you can also use the 3D magnetic lashes to avoid all the trouble of putting fake lashes on your eyes. 

Final Thoughts

The makeup accessories are a must-have in every girl’s vanity. These accessories help them to look even more beautiful. There are tons of convenient makeup accessories like the metallic mirror nail polish that make them look stylish and attractive. The false eyelashes are one of those special makeup accessories that every girl must try out. However, it isn’t so simple to wear false eyelashes. We all have faced the struggle of keeping false lashes at one place at some point in time. The tips mentioned in the article will surely guide you on how to wear false lashes.


Practical Tips to Apply False Eyelashes

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