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What Is PPC Ads & How Does Paid Marketing Work?
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What Is PPC Ads & How Does Paid Marketing Work? 

Digital Marketing is one of the most demanding skills these days and PPC Ads is a pretty advantageous move for every business as it helps them generate revenue by running successful ad campaigns.

The detailed article will brief you about the PPC and how this paid marketing works. We will further explore how digital marketers run successful PPC campaigns to generate business revenue.
In addition to this, we will reveal the secret tools of digital marketing experts. The PPC basics include seeing the ads outlay and keywords used by your competitors and creating a stunning ad to outperform them.

What Is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click and it is a cost-effective advertising model where marketers have to pay only when someone clicks on the ads. Google search ads are the most common type of PPC ads.

In order to run Google search ads, digital marketing service providers pay Google a significant amount. Since all the searches on Google will be accompanied by Google ads. There are chances that your Google PPC ads might find themselves on top of the search query of a certain keyword. Also, Google displays an “Ad’ badge to clearly mention that the top search results are ads.

How Does Pay-Per-Click (Paid) Advertising Work?

Understand how PPC ads work in these simple steps.

  1. Google AdWords is a platform that is used to create Google ads.
  2. A skilled and professional digital marketing expert sets the practical goals for PPC ads that include leads, sales, app promotion, website traffic, and many more.
  3. You have an option to choose your target audience for your PPC campaign.
  4. Even though there is a bid to get on top of the search box… you have an option to pay as per your budget.
  5. Your ad audience and bid enters the auction and Google decides when and where to show your PPC ads.
  6. Whenever someone clicks on your ad, you will pay the price that was pre-decided.

Why Should You Use PPC Ads?

All the new business is advised to invest in PPC ads as it is a channel that ensures legitimate buyers and they will pay only for the valid clicks. For the record, there are 4 million advertisers currently using Google PPC ads for their business growth.

If you still have doubts regarding the use of PPC ads for your business, then we give you 4 solid reasons why you should invest in and use PPC ads.

PPC Delivers Immediate Results

You must be aware of the other digital marketing channels that require hefty upfront investments and significant time to give results. PPC is actually different from other types of marketing channels as you pay only when someone clicks on your ads.

The PPC ad approval process starts within an hour. And if you follow best practices for campaign setup and do not violate any guidelines, you will start to see clicks and impressions right away. In addition, because PPC delivers immediate results, you can optimize your ad content to improve results.

PPC Offers High Purchase Intent

PPC search ads often use keywords and copywriting skills for targeting that allows the business to advertise a product or service to those that actually need it and likely need it now. When someone needs a plumber or a lawyer, they likely need one soon, and there’s a good chance that Google is the first place they will go to search for one.

This not only leads to sales for the advertiser but faster sales too. Comparing this to other ad channels like Facebook where the purchase intent of a user is relatively unknown, you will see how powerful PPC actually is.

PPC Ads Has A Low Entry Barrier

As mentioned earlier, there are types of marketing strategies that take quite a bit of work upfront before you can start to see results. Compare pay-per-click to search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is extremely effective but it is also time-consuming and laborious.

The average entrepreneur would likely find it hard to accomplish on their own without prior knowledge. In contrast, PPC is much more simple. You sign up, you insert your target and bids, you create your ads, and you launch your campaign.

PPC Ads Is Much More Simple To Launch

PPC provides amazing targeting options customized as per your needs, you may want to optimize your campaigns for more than just keywords. PPC also allows you to target by location, device, the hour of the day, day of the week, and demographics.

Want to only reach people in Delhi? No problem. Set your location to be Delhi-specific. Don’t want to receive leads and calls after business hours? You got it. Set your ads to run between business hours which are 9 am and 5 pm.

Maybe the desktop version of your site performs better than your mobile site? No issue. Set your ads to show only on desktop. You are in complete control of what ads you run when your ads are viewed, and who your ads target.

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