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7 Movie Trends In Bollywood Followed By Directors
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7 Movie Trends In Bollywood Followed By Directors 

Bollywood often tries to bank the box office by using the same formula that was a big hit before. And this leads to following the trend until someone came and breaks it. Here, we will discuss 7 popular movie trends that help to shape the Bollywood Industry and typecast it in a certain way. The art of cinema is somehow survived and Bollywood still alive.

Songs and Item Numbers are necessary to build movie buzz

You may see how music works to enlighten your mood. But it is certainly not necessary that you will shove music in every movie just to make it alluring for the audience. Now, you may think it is right, but the directors don’t think this way.

You will see many movie trends of 2010-2020 where you find unrelated songs in a very unusual way. It looks like the director is doing is forceful. However, the fact is, Anurag Kashyap and Ram Gopal Varma had said in their interviews that they had to add songs in the movie just to make it popular for the audience.

Cop-Drama and Revenge stories are the only plots for successful movies in the ’90s

Of you are a movie watcher then you will find that 90’s movies are full of cop-drama where the protagonist is revenging his personal issues and fighting a corrupt system.

It was so trendy that Akshay Kumar was typecasted in the role and he used to have a Police Uniform in his car. Of course, to use in movies whenever he gets one. If it is not about police then it is about to black and white characters revenge story.

Bikini and intimate scenes are the part of the movie in 10’s to ’20s

Directors are often fond of attracting youth audience into theatres by showing women skins. However, Bollywood went crazy during the 10’s to ’20s where almost every movie has some bikini moments or intimate scenes whether it is necessary or not.

Nowadays, it is not that necessary as Bollywood surpassed the trend and more focused on bringing the regional and local stories to the audience to make it more relatable. For instance, there’s only one movie in 2019 that has a bikini scene.

Showing Patriotism in Bollywood to ignite nationality

Bollywood has a fair share of spreading patriotism through movies. There was a time in the Industry where a famous actor was known as Bharat Kumar (Manoj Kumar), and Akshay Kumar is often told that he is stepping in the shoes of Manoj Kumar.

These movies are often a good decision for producers and it helps to make a good image of actors among the public. Every year, there are dozens of movies that have such patriotic themes.

The trend of Biopics on almost everything

You have to believe that Bollywood is producing a certain percent of biopic almost every year. The main reason for such is that it has a readymade story, and already a buzz among the audience. And people are more interested to know the real stories. This is the reason movie based on real events and inspired by true events get special attention of the audience.

Comedy of every kind, White comedy, and dark comedy

People now discuss that India only accepts comedy and directors have confirmed that all movies must include some gigs. This is the major reason that Johny Walker, Mehmood, Kadar Khan, Johny Lever, Rajpal Yadav has made a special fan base through the movie.

Even the gangster opus ‘Gangs of Wasseypur has comedy in almost all the scenes. The comedy is now separated into two parts, the white comedy for simple laughter, and the dark comedy to give you though shaking views.

Women-centric movie trends and a wave of feminism

And the number one in this list is the wave of feminism through women-centric movies. Bollywood directors have taken the seat to create some compelling story plots against the struggle of women in society. This is the major reason that Raazi, Chhappak, Gunjan Saxena Biopic, Shakuntala Devi biopic, and Thappad movies are in queue to release.

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