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Loki Series Is The Web Series Marvel Fans Are Going To Get
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Loki Series Is The Web Series Marvel Fans Are Going To Get 

Yesterday, Marvel dropped the second trailer of the most anticipated Loki Series trailer and fans have gone nuts after that. Loki is going to be the Marvel selling point and Disney’s ticket to be the number one OTT platform among the race that started long before Disney + launched.

If you are not getting your facts clear then understand these points. 

1) Netflix was operating in the market providing OTT (over the top) content as well as stream movies created by independent filmmakers and major production houses. 

2) Many businessmen started looking for business opportunities in the OTT platform and we have seen a huge spike in the number of OTT platforms that started offering digital content. 

3) The war started when major business entities like Amazon, Apple, HBO, and Disney also joined the race. Since the market is still open for other creators… the race is to get the maximum number of subscriptions across the globe. 

4) Keeping all the OTT platforms aside, we have seen that Disney is now a threat to Netflix in terms of popularity, content, and quality. They both have their advantages and disadvantages and here we are talking about how the Loki series will change the facts and statistics dramatically. 

We have told you about the Netflix v Disney+, now focus on the popularity of the Loki series among Marvel Fans. 

Loki is a fictional character from Marvel comics. The character is based on the Norse mythology God of Mischief. In the MCU, actor Tom Hiddleston played the character of Loki in the movie Thor. 

I remember Tom Hiddleston said in an interview that he gave the audition for the title role in the movie Thor. However, he was approached for the second lead (negative character) in the movie and he took the role. 

The actor never imagined that he will be loved this much for playing a negative character. Tom was praised for playing the god of the trickster in his very own way. Later, he came up as the main antagonist in the 2012’s magnum opus ‘The Avengers’. 

Loki’s popularity grew with every appearance he made in the Marvel movies. And at the end, Marvel decided to bank the fortune by utilizing Tom Hiddleston’s popularity as a Loki. And here’s Marvel announced 25 different shows that are somehow connected to Avenger Endgame and fans are most excited to see Loki for 6 nonstop hours. 

You have seen the popularity of the character; now take a look at how it will change the game for Disney+ on OTT platforms. Marvel has already released its two shows on Disney plus and fans are showering positive responses. If you don’t believe then check out the special channels on YouTube that show how every episode works, what are the Easter eggs, what are the predictions related to the next episodes, and many other things as well?

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