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Hot On OTT- Top Films and shows To Watch Online
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Hot On OTT- Top Films and shows To Watch Online 

With so much content releasing on OTT every week, it is normal to feel overwhelmed about what to watch. Worry not we got your back. Below is a list of top OTT films and shows that are guaranteed to make a good watch.

1. Tharagathi Gadhi Daati

Tharagathi Gadhi Daati is a romantic comedy series and stars Harshith Reddy and Payal Radhakrishna in the central roles. The series is scheduled to drop on Aha Video on August 20.

2. Nine Perfect Strangers

The upcoming title Nine Perfect Strangers is a mini-drama series. The series stars Nicole Kidman in the lead role and is scheduled to stream on Amazon Prime on August 20.

3. Space Jam- A New Legacy

Space Jam- A New Legacy is a Live action animation film that stars NBA famed LeBron James in the main role. The film will start streaming on Apple TV and Book My Show on August 19.

4. 200 Halla Ho

200 Halla Ho is essentially a social drama. 200 Halla Ho is inspired by the story of 200 women who fought caste oppression and injustice. It will be dropped on ZEE5 on August 20.

5. Modern Love

Modern Love is an anthology series consisting of 8 different but related episodes. Each episode will focus on a love story, showcasing love in its myriad different forms such as platonic love, familial love, erotic love, romantic love, parental love, and family love. The anthology series will release on Amazon Prime on August 19.

6. Home

The story of the new Amazon Prime Original Home revolves around a Malayalam family during the lockdown in India due to the pandemic. The members of the family are forced to exclusively work from home due to the outbreak of the pandemic. The lockdown allows the members of the family to reconnect with each other and accept their differences.

In ‘Home’, Indrans plays the role of a father who wants to become a smartphone-savvy person to reconnect with his grown-up children, who spend most of their time with their smartphones instead of spending quality time with their family. Home will release on Amazon Prime on August 19.

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