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Solo Travelers And 8 Golden Rules Of Traveling Alone
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Solo Travelers And 8 Golden Rules Of Traveling Alone 

Living a bohemian lifestyle and not having a house is pretty cool in the 21st century. Getting a tag of solo travelers is very satisfying and charming in itself. While people think it is a way cool thing. It is not as liberal as you think even if it is a full adventure.

The survival instinct is a good thing but you need a little more than that if you want to see yourself as a solo traveler or just enjoy and explore the world, or want to visit the whole world as your basic fantasy. Be a solo travelers, pack your bag, and run into an adventure but do follow these 8 golden rules of traveling alone.

After all, this is a practical world and sometimes things won’t work your way at all. If you are not taking my words seriously then understand this very realistic example. You know that countries are in a war and there are chances that you might end up in the enemy or alien country. Having your ID proof is a must thing otherwise you end up in prison and someday got hanged for illegally crossing the border.

Solo traveller
Solo Traveller

1. This Is Not A Fitness Blog But Stay Healthy

You must have heard the jokes about people claiming free soul wanderer with hashtag wanderlust when they start puking with the little dizziness in the bus. So whether it is food or your mood, you must take care of yourself. Before dreaming of visiting all 7 continents, it would be good to read “7 tips to stay healthy while traveling.”

Also, you can be exposed to many different types of situations, a fit body with a strong will is not enough at all. You need to work on your body so that you can’t get affected by every little change in your diet and locality.

2. Wise Traveler Prepare For The Adventure

Trust me, just like girls, you also love to see surprises when you are most expecting them. A famous man once said any surprise is a wild shock, and that famous man is a solo travelers. Take your clothes, other important stuff, a stash of cash, a working cell phone along with a charger and power bank if possible.

There are dozens of apps for travelers that include general campus GPS and finding a house for rent to earn money from traveling. Use everything that supports your traveling experience.

3. Always tell someone where you’re going

Remember what grandmother thought of you in childhood, always inform someone about your traveling schedule. It just helps you connect to the world and in case of any trouble, you will know that people might search for you if snags.

I mean there are tons of movies in Bollywood and Hollywood where protagonists find themselves in such situations where nobody knows where they are and no one tries to find them at all.

4. Do count on your drinks and drags always

The only disadvantage of traveling alone is that you can’t drink yourself to death. You have to be sober all the time and thus you can never enjoy the moments when you decide to get drunk or take drugs to lose yourself completely. We advise you to focus on other good things instead of canceling your solo traveling plan.

5. Always know where you’re going (or at least look like it)

People find it cool that they are unaware of the fact that where they are heading. This is not cool at all, it is stupidity. You must know the way, locality, and other safety measures that will help you survive in the location effectively and efficiently.

For instance, a trip that can cost you merely 4000 bucks but without knowledge and information about the locality, you might end up losing 15000 bucks. And this is a real story of the blogger before he started writing travel blogs.

6. Be Confident, Situational, And Prompt For Convincing Lies

You can be either humble and find unsolvable problems in your way of tourism. Or you can be a confident trickster who knows a practical way to get out of the situation. You can pretend to be someone else to get a room in a certain location. Also, do role-plays to win your neighbor’s trust during the stay, or 146 other different things as well.

7. Ready With Your Problem Solving Mindset

You should prepare yourself for conditions that you don’t want to be in. This is the only way you can cope with such a situation because solo traveling can be very risky. If your destination is not pricy tourist attractions and monuments. Jungles, mountains, rivers, and even the widely known horror sites are dangerous for the explorer.

8. See you out on the road!

And now when you are done with these golden rules. You need to start. See you out on the road.

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