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Top 4 B2B Marketing Ideas That Work At International Women’s Day
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Top 4 B2B Marketing Ideas That Work At International Women’s Day 

International Women’s Day is about to knock on the doors and businesses are all ready to greet it by making strategies to influence businesses as well as customers and manipulate the sales. 8th March is the day when the whole world celebrates the success and achievements of women by honoring them. With the bitter tongue, I would draw everyone’s attention towards gender parity and women empowerment which still needs a wave to go full swing.

The major focus of B2B marketers will be to give voice to women’s rights and to advertise their brands by drawing campaigns with the theme #Womensday2021. If you are one among such marketers looking to find business opportunities this International Women’s Day, pause before you begin!

We have brought some brilliant marketing ideas inspired by some of the top brands to help you spread the word and to get better engagement at the same time making an effort for women empowerment:

1. Sharing the stories of women

Women’s day is an occasion to celebrate the success and achievements of women across the globe. It is a known fact that the world was cruel to them from the very beginning and always objectifies them. Thankfully, things are changing these days and women came into many fields and work along with men to make the economy grow.

One of the most successful B2B Marketing strategies includes inspiring stories of girls. People listen to all sorts of success stories. There are thousands of examples where businesses use marketing campaigns related to women by sharing their stories. one great marketing campaign was from BBC titled #100 women including success stories of famous women that are actresses, world leaders, and businesswomen.

You can also create presentations, infographics, or blogs speaking about some of the successful women in a specific field. Such pieces of content are likely to be more engaging for female audiences.

Videos that encourage, inspire, and guide

As a marketer, you have the opportunity to go beyond the term ‘general awareness’ by materializing your business on international women’s day. Create videos that inspire, guide, and encourage the female audience. Also, encourage them to perform business with your Online B2B portal.

There are hundreds of examples regarding general awareness for women. One of the most successful was Microsoft’s MakeWhatsNext campaign that encourages girls for the tech and science worlds. They created a video film wherein little girls were talking about big goals. The video further tells the ways and steps to fulfill their dreams.

3. Feature your female employees

Women’s Day will also provide you a stage to occasion to talk about the top women entrepreneurs of the world. You might start your campaign by posting some inspiring quotations on social media related to female employees.

You can also celebrate the achievements and success of your female employees?

Even digital marketers use the opportunity to generate traffic by utilizing the occasion of women’s day. For your online business, we suggest you interview your female employees and feature them on your blog page. Such marketing practices let your brand connect with the readers on an emotional level as they get to know more about you – more than just a brand. When people see that you honor and care about your employees, they are more likely to trust you. A successful strategy for any business.

4. Think out-of-the-box

best deal offers and freebies are not the only things that drew women’s attention. Try stepping out of the mainstream marketing ideas and do something different, it will also help you to gain everyone’s attention.

I would give you the example of IKEA Switzerland that brought a unique idea to celebrate women’s day. It introduced a two-month paternity leave so that fathers feel the responsibilities of mothers. Such practices tell your audiences that you are a brand that cares about its employees and can go to any extent to prove it.

So, this International Women’s Day, try these marketing ideas and connect with your female customers!

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