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7 Bold Movies made by Bollywood industry in recent years
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7 Bold Movies made by Bollywood industry in recent years 

Bollywood had experimented with its content nowadays to come up with several new ideas. These moves are considered bold moves made by Bollywood to dive into something new and provide amazing content for the Indian audience.

7. Rangrasia – Let’s start the list with one of the great films based on Raja Ravi Varma and his journey to picture Indian Gods. The life of Artist Raja Ravi Varma was really interesting – I’ll admit that – but what makes the picture more appealing is showcasing nude Nandana Sen while Randeep Hooda was making a portrait of her.

There’s a little more in the movie, the outstanding speech delivered by the protagonist in the Movie clarifying the reason he painted Gods and those arousing pictures throughout the time. However, it is considered a bold move by the Bollywood industry as no film with nudity had ever crossed the censor board irrespective of low budget directors in the art films and high budget directors showing arousing content.

6. Ishq Junoon – Okay, Ishq Junoon is not a remarkable movie in Bollywood. Most of you haven’t even heard about it. But the movie was sold on the unique selling point and advertised as the first threesome movie in Bollywood.

The movie was a flop, didn’t manage to get screens. The script was a blunder but it is still appreciated for making a bold move in Bollywood. The concept was also picked in various short films and art films but it still didn’t buzz up the Indian audiences.

5. The Dirty Picture – Before Vidya Balan get included in the famous lists of Bollywood impactful actresses, she had to go through a tough decision by signing The Dirty Picture. Based on the true life of Silk Smita, the movie is a challenge to score at the box office. Plus, it was one of the first movies of its time when bold movies come up with entertaining stories.

The movie was a hit and Bollywood gets another successful formula to write and show scripts based on strong female characters to make numbers on Box office.

4. Gangs of Wasseypur series – Anurag Kashyap is famous for creating bold content in Bollywood. For instance, the first movie (Paanch) directed by him was banned. Most of his movies were shortened by censor board cuts. Still, Gangs of Wasseypur is a Bollywood masterpiece.

The movie is a cult hit probably because of the way content is shown to the audience. It was funny and full of dialogues. However, it is a bold move in the industry as it had opened the content varieties in Bollywood.

3. Zindagi Milegi Naa Dobara – 3 men on a trip some stories and some fun. The concept was pretty neutral and didn’t look like a story too. But watch ZMND if you hadn’t watch it. You will know how Zoya Akhtar had managed to showcase such a beautiful concept in Bollywood.

2. Mohalla Assi – Based on the novel where tangling life of rural India on the bank of the Ganges is shown beautifully. It definitely a bold move in the Bollywood industry that is different from other mainstream movies made in typical Bollywood.

1. Agent Vinod – Finally a movie that failed to dazzle the audience but certainly a bold move in Bollywood. Bollywood had never seen any spy movie like Agent Vinod and that is the major reason that Agent Vinod was a box office failure. However, the movie is more watchable than most Bollywood movies.

We wish Bollywood may come up with unique ideas and entertain the audience in the best way possible.

Please mention any other Bold Moves made by the Bollywood industry in recent years in the comment which we missed in our list and share your opinion about the post. Like and share the post to make it popular and don’t miss following the page to get awesome content related to Bollywood.

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