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5 Bollywood actors who nailed their characters in Biographical roles 

Biography is the new trend in Bollywood apart from stepping into a zone where movies are inspired by historical events. You know what good thing about Biographies is, it is often fascinating as audience consider it true and believable.

Doesn’t matter whether the characters are positive or having grey shade if you sell a movie based on biography people will get attracted towards it like a magnet. There is a humongous list of biographical portrayal in Bollywood. However, we are including movies when Bollywood actors nailed their characters in Biographical roles.

What nailing actually means here is that actor got everything from the character. Either by special research, prosthetic makeup works or any other way. If you get the feeling that there isn’t any part of the actor performing on the screen but it is the character himself. Then it is called nailing the role. Thus, we give you 5 Bollywood actors who nailed their characters in Biographical roles.

  • 5. 83 the film – The biopic of Kapil Dev and the story arc of how he won world cup is one of the best stories in India that Indian audience will love to watch on big screens. Finally, filmmakers have made their mind to film the untold story of Kapil Dev’s winning journey through the big-budgeted multi-starer movie. What more exciting about the movie is its cast that includes Ranveer Singh as Kapil dev.

And you just have to look the look of Kapil dev and how well Ranveer Singh wore it. In this single pic uploaded by Ranveer Singh on his Insta account… he looks just like Kapil Dev. Bit by bit.

  • 4. The Dirty Picture – Portrayal of Silk Smita in the film was a difficult task due to her ever-appearing image in the movies and news. Vidya did well to the role of Silk Smita and delivered such a darling performance that she become the talking sensation of Bollywood. Each and every frame of the movie, her looks are mesmerizing and the movie becomes a blockbuster in the Bollywood.

According to her, it was a bold move to get casted in such a film and portraying an actress like her in big screens. What she had to do is to gain extra weight to give the screen appearance of the Silk Smita.

  • 3. Sanju – A movie that must be made to clarify actions of the Actor Sanjay Dutt. Once the script was ready, Ranbir was casted for the role to portray larger than life character of Sanjay Dutt. After a lot of look tests, the maker finally gave us a movie worth watching with a good script. What is most fascinating about the movie? It is Ranbir portrayal of Sanjay Dutt that steal the show.

From the talking and walking to the movement of the eyeballs, Ranbir nailed it. What he has to do is get into the skin on Sanjay Dutt by spending quality time in gym for hours as Sanjay was a fitness symbol among the youth of 90s.

  • 2. Aligarh – The astonishing performance delivered by veteran actor Major Bajpai is quite a sensation. The plot of the movie was the case where a Marathi professor was harassed on the fact of being gay. This movie Aligadh has some scenes that showcase the great acting skills of the actor. Don’t believe me, go and watch the movie.

Since portraying a gay character shouldn’t be a big deal for actors and actress. However, Bollywood wasn’t exposed to this LGBTQ theme that time much. For this movie, the actor has done an intimate scene with his male co-star.

  • 1. Omerta – In spite of Rajkummar Rao had proved himself by playing Shahid in the Bollywood. Another impressive performance by this actor can be seen in the gripping story of terrorist Omar Siddiqui. For this movie, all credit goes to the director for taking such a bold step. And of course, don’t neglect the performance of Rajkummar Rao.

What Rajkummar had done was phenomenal. The language and accent he caught was off the mark. You might somewhere see a cold-mind criminal in the innocent face of our versatile hero.

Please comment if there are other actors who have nailed their characters in biographical roles.

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