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10 Ways Coronavirus Will Change Your Life Forever

10 Ways Coronavirus Will Change Your Life Forever 

Even if you have little understanding of the economy then you know that the global economy is collapsing due to Coronavirus. Well, there’s a surety that we will survive this pandemic shortly, but one thing for sure that the world will not be the same after this.

People are now adjusting to quarantine life, it can be said that it is more like a global social experiment. If this virus took longer than usual then you will see 10 big changes that will turn your life upside down. This is a tough time, but it will also bring changes that new living standards.

10. Working from home

The work from home concept is now a necessity because people tend to follow social distancing and must not gather even in the office. Even the statistics of a month show some better results as a video conferencing software company Cisco said they are getting 22 times much traffic now after the coronavirus outbreak.

There are chances that employees might not willing to work in office hours after this pandemic ends. Work from home could be incredible for life satisfaction as well, as you can live with your close one while working and earning money.

9. Universal basic income

It sounds like a dream to get a universal basic income, a few months ago. But now, most countries are making it possible. America is planning to send a $1,200 check to every adult in America. This is not what universal basic income means but these things are close.

The only problem with universal basic income is what if people started enjoying a ‘Happy but jobless’ situation. If people tend to work then this can be a surely possible plan within a few months.

8. Automation

Coronavirus has hit the manufacturing sector hardest. Now factories and manufacturing are not possible, or way too risky for people. The manufacturing sector can only be handled by an automaton. This is the necessity, robots would be created now for major production works that involve people.

If a company will be operated by robots then the disease will not be any problem. Manufacturing companies can only survive if they turn to automation. China initiated the concept by replacing delivery drivers with drones. So there are chances that when this Pandemic is over, you will be replaced by a robot.

7. Online learning

You have seen the news that schools are shutting in each country after the outbreak of coronavirus. It will surely push teachers and parents into a whole new era of education. Online learning came into existence. This generation will read pdf instead of books, even if specs will become your eye.

There is very negative feedback from teachers around the world, and parents might not afford internet access to educate their kids. However, teachers and parents must come up with solutions if this pandemic will not over within a few months.

6. The rise of big government

The rise of big government is predictable by the fact that the whole world is united to fight this unseen enemy. People are now embracing the big government after the outbreak. The US government planned to spend about $1 trillion to fight COVID-19.

Boris Johnson from the United Kingdom has said there’s no ceiling to how much they spend to fight against corona. There are still some libertarians but they will be muted f the situation worsens from here. Meghan McCain recently said that there are no Libertarians in pandemics.

5. Voting by mail

On April 15th, there was an election in South Korea, and it was very tough as people have to wear a mask and disposable globes for voting. It was surely a wake-up call for the rest of the world to make changes for such types of events.

America is going to have elections in November, and it will be a huge problem as they can’t risk people’s lives for the national procedure. The voting technique should be changed and this should be changed for permanent. Probably voting by mail is a considerable option which could be great for democracy.

4. The death of small businesses

The major drawback of this coronavirus pandemic is that most small businesses will collapse. The theatres will be locked completely, and the OTT platform will rise. It means now Netflix and other streaming platforms are the only source for entertainment.

Similarly, bars and restaurants are shut in most countries. J. P. Morgan predicted that the average small business will only survive 27 days of this and then might go bankrupt. Thus, one way or another world will change forever.

3. The end of reliance on China

Little you know that China was facing a brutal trade war, and coronavirus has made things a lot worse for China. Before this, China was considered the manufacturing hub for the world. For instance, 90 percent of America’s antibiotics supplied by China.

This coronavirus outbreak showed how dangerous it is to rely on a single location for supply. Now the whole world is struggling with the shortage of face masks and ventilators. We can’t rely on China when it was the hardest-hit country with this virus.

2. Free and universal health care

After the Spanish Flu outbreak in 1918, all the countries around the globe embraced the concept of socialized medicine. It is expected that after the coronavirus pandemic will over, the government would discuss universal health care.

There are still some countries that don’t have universal health care facilities. The government already pledged to let people get tested for coronavirus free, and some countries are pushing to make the treatment free.

1. A new political uprising

Coming back to the world economy again, there’s no doubt that coronavirus will produce a global recession. A lot of people will lose their jobs, and it is expected that about 7.4 million people in the hospitality industry will be unemployed. 

It can be seen that the new revolution will emerge, and we will witness a political uprising, just to make this world a better place for everyone, without any class divide.

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